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Help Amy Winehouse! Help Amy Winehouse!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pure, unadulterated, 100% pure genius.

YomToxic, I know this was in low taste, but I have gleaned a moral lesson from this. Don't do drugs; they'll kill you.

On the matter of music, I understand why you've decided to use the song 'she-wolf' as well; the song's not pointed at her - rather, the substances that she's been abusing... and maybe even the 'dealer' (The line "My desires of flesh obey me. The lioness will enslave me" speaks volumes about how quick the dealer is changing his tone when offered money.) Those hard drugs are very addictive -even one shot can kill. Ever listen to a megadeth song called 'use the man'? It's about a guy who takes one shot of heroin, and dies. I think it should have been the song to go along with this flash.

On the matter of graphics, I feel that your skills, although lacking, have taken a definite improvement. You've got a ways to go; don't loose heart. You may have traced, but I guess that was the point; you WERE trying to draw Amy Winehouse. I see you've even drawn that cheesy tattoo on her arm.

On the matter of gameplay, I felt that it was purposefully left sparse, to show the actions of a drug addict in her final hours. Watching her slurred up speech, and that primitive 'battle system' was more than enough to keep me off drugs. I recommend anyone who has problems with drugs to try 'Helping Amy Winehouse"; to come face-to-face with their own vices, and realize the fact that the time will come when an invisible line will be crossed and there will be no turning back. Amy's death is a reminder.

Lastly, I felt the actions of the 'drug dealer' as he robs a OD'd Amy Winehouse to be fitting and realistic. But I'm also glad that you didn't elect to draw Amy getting sexually molested while on drugs. That'd be going too far.

In ending, I'd like to say; you've really delivered a message. Sure, you've pissed off a few people. But the message is clear; Don't use drugs, because even the most talented lives can be cut down to nothing by that shit. So, for that, I thank you.

I vote 5, and give you a 9/10

Now get on MSN you cheesy weirdo. :P

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